Doors Open for Music at Southminster

Summer break: The last DOMS concert of the season is June 26. DOMS will return on September 4, 2024.

Attending DOMS Concerts: You can join us in person at Southminster or watch the stream online.

Past concerts

Explore our recent concerts here, or check out our YouTube channel for all the concerts we streamed since September 2021.

About DOMS

Doors open for music at Southminster began in 2013 as a six-part Lenten concert series. An instant success, Southminster extended it past Easter that year, and save for two-month breaks each summer, the program has been running since.

Presented on Wednesdays at noon — precisely the mid-point of the week — DOMS is a musical oasis, offering programming that nourishes the heart, mind and soul, and serving as a hub for musical connection in the community.

Each week from September to June, amazing artists from across the region, Canada and beyond meet established fans and make new ones playing in DOMS. Simultaneously, local audiences enjoy music they love and also discover performers and styles they’ve never heard before in a series they can count on for consistent quality.

DOMS survived the COVID-19 pandemic by live-streaming its concerts, initially through Facebook (including for a few months by artists from their homes), and now continues to offer them digitally through YouTube, visible on these pages.

The DOMS formula mixes an outstanding venue, unique presentation time, exceptional performers, world-class piano, supportive in-person and online community, and terrific team of staff an volunteers into a movement that has proven itself sustainable over the along term.

(Re)discover your passion for music through DOMS today.

This series survives on freewill offerings from patrons. Please consider donating to support the series and its artists.