The French Harpsichord in Germany

German composers were avowed francophiles in terms of their musical taste: Bach admired François Couperin, Froberger rubbed shoulders with Louis Couperin, and Buxtehude’s music often sounds more French than German. Suren Barry explores the connection in their works for harpsichord.

Suren Barry, harpsichord


J.S. Bach: Overture from Partitia No. 4 in D major, BWV 828
Georg Böhm: Suite No. 3 in d minor
Louis Couperin: Suite in F major
Johann Jakob Froberger: Suite No. 10 in C major, FbWV 612
J.C.F. Fischer: Suite “Euterpe” in F major, from Musical Parnassus

[At the request of the performer, the stream recording is no longer available.]