Upcoming Concerts

Spring 2023 Season

  • Romantic Landscapes

    Mauro Bertoli, pianist recently turned police officer, plays his favourite works by Romantic composers from over his 20-year career as a concert pianist.

  • Doux printemps d’autrefois

    Inspired by themes of springtime and love, Montreal-based Julie Ekker (soprano), Julien Leblanc (piano), and Matthieu Deveau (violin) play French and Russian music.

  • Harlem Bounce

    Yves Laroche presents his early jazz compositions from his recent CD with this trio, exploring blues, youthfulness, rhythm, and with a slight touch of Oscar Peterson.

  • Re:Imagine

    Extending across artforms, Elizabeth Emond-Stevenson (dance) and Kathryn Patricia Cobbler (viola) explore, share, and react improvising based on the solo repertoire of J.S. Bach.

  • Perspectives

    Pianist Jonathan Tsay contrasts depictions of countryside life and nature by Respighi, Tchaikovsky, Liszt with portray­als by Taiwanese composers (Wen-Ye and Shui-Long).

  • Inspired by Friends

    Nationally renowned performers Paul Marleyn (cello) and Frédéric Lacroix (piano) showcase Romantic works in­spired by the composers’ close cellist friends and family.

  • Rejoice in the Lamb

    Members of Roland Graham’s Spring Choral Workshop and organist Maria Gajraj perform Benjamin Britten’s Rejoice in the Lamb and other works to celebrate DOMS’ 10th anniversary.

  • Baroque to Impressionist

    On tour in Canada, pianist Ishay Shaer covers three centuries of keyboard music, from Bach (partita no. 1, 1725) to Chopin (preludes, 1839) to Debussy (Images set 2, 1907).

  • Primary Colours

    From soft heart-wrenching ballads to energetic grooves, the Primary Colours jazz piano trio plays original compos­itions blending jazz tradition with their own voices.

  • A Taste of Paris

    Gertrude Létourneau (flute) and Catherine Donkin (piano) explore the relationship between musical elements and ingredients from French cuisine.

  • Justin Duhaime Organ Trio

    Jazz musicians Justin Duhaime (guitar), Mark Ferguson (organ), and Valeriy Nehovara (drums) play groove, swing, and bossa music with a classic organ trio sound.

  • Voice

    David Balik explores the vocal nature of the violin in duets with pianist Frédéric Lacroix with a diverse selection of works by Fauré, Beach, and Beethoven.